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TUNISIA: Alarming Number of Children Threatened with Homelessness, Sexual Abuse

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The Office for Child Protection in Tunis has recently released alarming figures according to which the number of children threatened by homelessness and abuse reached approximately 6986 during the year 2010.

The organisation also provides statistics as to the family situations behind this number, namely: parents' inability to raise their children, which constitutes 20,4% of the cases reported, out of wedlock children, who represent 15,6%, and neglected children, who represent 28,2%.

2% of these children living in difficult conditions are sexually abused, and 0,9% are used for begging. Statistics also show that 0,4% of children have attempted suicide.

These data were collected by the Office for Child Protection either directly, through phone calls given to their emergency number (80 100 010), or via their website.

As a great number of Tunisians are not equipped with phones nor have easy access to the Internet, and considering that all the existing cases were not necessarily reported, it is possible these numbers are far worse in reality.

Source: Tunisia Live (Tunis, Tunisia)

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