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ZIMBABWE: New Local Film Tackles Child Exploitation

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20 November, 2017 - A new feature film titled "Forgiven" that unravels issues of child prostitution, bad influence and drug abuse is set to hit the screen before the end of the year.

Though the film has not been screened to the public, film lovers had a rare opportunity to watch the film during the International Image Film Festival (IIFF) and Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFF).

The film was directed by Brighton Malunga. In an interview, Malunga said the film will make a positive impact on both children and parents as well as in the arts sector at large.

"I was inspired to come up with this film after I was touched by the bad things happening in our society today. I believe children, parents and guardians will draw many lessons from it," he said.

The 25-year-old director briefly explained what the film is all about.

"The movie is about a girl called Marilyn, who lost her parents to a car accident and one of her aunts is assigned to look after her but she fails to provide exam fee for her.

"Marilyn then turns for help from her friend from school who introduces her to prostitution where she ends up being in trouble with a pimp," said Malunga.

The matter gets gross and it ends up with one of her friend getting murdered.

"Marilyn tries to involve another girl, Karen, from her school as a gateway plan from the pimp but unfortunately Karen gets killed.

"Karen's uncle, an ex-convict living outside the country, comes to Zimbabwe to revenge on all the people that were involved in the death of his niece but decides to forgive Marilyn," hinted Malinga. The aim of the film besides entertaining is to bring awareness to the people that kids will always be exposed to danger as they grow.

By Yeukai Karengezeka-Chisepo
Source: Allafrica

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