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ETHIOPIA: The Project Office has tabled draft MoU for discussion

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Addis Ababa - January 15, 2018 - The Federal Supreme Court children justice office has held a discussion with stakeholders on draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) designed to strengthen children's justice and to deliver multilateral services to children passing through the justice system.

Photo: The Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia

The MoU enables the project office to further strengthen and sustained existing services cooperation with various governmental, non-governmental institutions and higher education institutions.

W/ro Genet Shume, the Federal supreme court Children Justice Project office Acting Coordinator, said the purpose of the meeting is to collect feedback so as to revise MoU that the office directs cooperative procedures to provide access to free legal aid and other social and psychological services to children passing through the judiciary system with other government and non-governmental organizations.

At the same time, It's to discuss on the outcomes and challenges of legal aid center of Federal Supreme Court for Children's Justice Project which has coordinated the referral system for the past five years what challenges.

The participants of the discussion suggested separate structure to be formulated identifying the gaps in the current practices, inculcating the remedial actions and remarks in the draft document. Government institutions, especially higher education institutions, should take an even greater role in examining the study and using the results of the study.

Finally, the heads of the institutions will sign the document after it is revised including the input forwarded by the forum participants and agreed upon it, is indicated.

Source: The Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia

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