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ACPF strengthens work on monitoring African governments’ performance

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Renowned experts meet to review the Child-friendliness Index of African Governments

ACPF is bringing together top-notch statisticians and experts in a roundtable meeting to validate and enrich the revised Child-friendliness Index (CFI) of The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) from March 27-28 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The roundtable is also intended to discuss the forthcoming African Report on Child Wellbeing 2018, one of ACPF’s flagship publications.

ACPF developed the Child-friendliness Index (CFI) to measure and systematically monitor the performance of African governments in fulfilling their commitments and obligations to children. CFI has been in use over the last 10 years in scoring and ranking African governments’ performance in realising the rights and wellbeing of children. It continues to attract national, continental and international interest, especially among governments, the media and civil society organisations.

In an effort to strengthen its advocacy on accountability to children, ACPF initiated a review process of the CFI to further refine and enhance its methodological robustness. The roundtable meeting of experts is part of this review and validation process intended to solicit feedback from renowned experts in this field and enhance the quality of this measurement and analytical framework.

The African Report on Child Wellbeing, which was initiated in 2008, is a unique report and the only one of its kind in Africa. It scores and ranks all 53 African governments catagorising them into five groups – Most Child-friendly, Child-friendly, Somewhat Child-friendly, Less Child-friendly and Least Child-friendly. It also reports why some countries are doing better than others, in what areas, and why. In 2008, ACPF reported that Mauritius, Namibia, Kenya and South Africa were among the Most Child-friendly governments in Africa. In 2018, the report will monitor and report on the progress in the child-friendliness of African governments.

The African Report on Child Wellbeing is an indispensable source of information for governments, child rights advocates and all those around the world concerned with the wellbeing of African children.

Source: ACPF

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