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October 11 2017 - THE agriculture sector accounts for the largest share of child labourers at more than 90 per cent, according to the International Labour Organisation, indicating the trend has not reduced since 2012 but is worsening.

October 11 2017 - Debates about schools in richer countries are often about the politics of priorities, what subjects should be given most importance, who needs extra help and what needs more public spending. But for families in many developing countries questions about education can be a lot more basic - is there any access to school at all?

October 9 2017 - London - "Over 130 million girls are still out of school - that's over 130 million potential engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers and politicians whose leadership the world is missing out on"

October 10 2017 - GENEVA - The Democratic Republic of Congo’s military has been removed from the UN’s ‘list of shame’ of armed groups that recruit and use child soldiers – only the second ever delisting after Chad in 2014.

October 9 2017 - Most recently, the Government lifted the ban which had been imposed on foreigners or persons outside Rwanda to adopt children in the country. Initially, the decision to bar the adoption of Rwandan children was based on reasonable concerns that children's best interest may not be potentially catered for. It was important to first ensure the protection of adopted children while abroad.

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