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November 24, 2017 - Children who constitute more than 50% of EAC population continue to face numerous challenges, including in the area of child protection. Many children in the region are subjected to physical, sexual and emotional violence in various settings, including the home, the school and the community.

November 23, 2017 - A boom in the orphanage industry is fuelling concern that many institutions are run for economic benefit, with scant regulation, and are damaging children

November, 2017 - We have the tools and resources to protect children better, but we have failed to do so.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 10:11

ZIMBABWE: New Local Film Tackles Child Exploitation

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20 November, 2017 - A new feature film titled "Forgiven" that unravels issues of child prostitution, bad influence and drug abuse is set to hit the screen before the end of the year.

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