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13 November, 2017 - North Kivu has the lowest rates of birth registration in the DRC, with only 5 percent of children having access to the legal document that allows them to attend school and potentially escape being married off young.

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November 16 - Abuja - To commemorate this year's World Children's Day (WCD) anniversary, which is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, children across the world will 'takeover' high-profile moments in the media, politics, business, sports, music and entertainment to raise awareness on the most vulnerable and hardest to reach children.

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16 Novembre - Rabat -  49% des jeunes Marocains ne sont ni à l'école ni au travail, alors qu'ils représentent 30% de la population du pays

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Johannesburg, 07 November 2017- The African Union Commission (AUC) convened regional and continental partners last week to discuss joint priorities to support countries end AIDS, TB and Malaria by 2030. In attendance were: African Union Organs, Regional Economic Communities, Regional Health Organisations, development partners, civil society the private sector and invited guests

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November 10 - Maputo - The United Nations Women is tackling rising incidents of child marriages blamed on the worst drought in Mozambique in years. More than 2 million people, especially in the southern and central regions, have been affected by the severe drought since 2015.

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"I stay because I don't have a choice. I'll put up with it until I can't take it anymore."

November 9 - Chad - Wearing a pastel-coloured dress embroidered with a tatty trim and speaking almost in a whisper, 17-year-old Chancelle looks like she should be in school.

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Thursday, 09 November 2017 11:41

SUD-SOUDAN: La famine reste une menace

Novembre 6 - Plusieurs agences humanitaires des Nations unies ont averti, le 6 novembre, que la tragédie déclarée pendant plusieurs mois cette année dans le pays, en proie à une guerre civile, pourrait faire son retour en 2018 si rien n'est fait pour l'endiguer.

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7 Novembre - Le produit contre le streptocoque B, une bactérie à l'origine d'une infection courante chez les femmes enceintes, pourrait empêcher plus de 100 000 décès de nouveau-nés, suggèrent plusieurs études publiées, le 6 novembre, dans la revue médicale Clinical infectious diseases.

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November 8 - A former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has advised the Federal Government to focus on key reforms that could lift the education sector to make it compete favorably with the rest of the world.

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Addis Abeba - November 7 - We know that children who grow up in poverty are disproportionately more likely to leave school early and less likely to enter post-secondary schooling. We also know that they are disproportionately more likely to balance schooling with paid work in childhood. We know they have disproportionately high rates of stunting and malnutrition. And we know that girls who grow up in poverty are disproportionately more likely to marry and to become mothers in adolescence. The weight of the world appears too heavy to push back against for children born into poverty.

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