In a shocking revelation, the Minister of Women and Children Affairs told members of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) on Thursday that the whereabouts of 2,273 children, adopted before 2014/15, is yet to be identified as the Ministry is digging deep to improve data on the thousands of Ethiopian children adopted by westerners over the years.

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Ethiopia has banned the adoption of children by foreigners amid concerns they face abuse and neglect abroad.

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12 October 2017 - Because of the widespread case of identity crisis that children adopted by foreign families face and based on the premise that foreign families could not offer relatable family environment to Ethiopian children, Ethiopian government decided to scrap foreign adoption from its Family law.

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October 9 2017 - Most recently, the Government lifted the ban which had been imposed on foreigners or persons outside Rwanda to adopt children in the country. Initially, the decision to bar the adoption of Rwandan children was based on reasonable concerns that children's best interest may not be potentially catered for. It was important to first ensure the protection of adopted children while abroad.

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7 August 2015 - Adoption of children has long been in practice in the country. It is covered in the Child Rights Act 2003 enacted by the National Assembly. Among other things, the Act spells out the rights and responsibilities of a child in Nigeria and provides for child justice system administration and the care and supervision of a child, among other things.

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6 August 2015 - The Children's Amendment Bill and the Children's Second Amendment Bill currently before the Portfolio Committee on Social Development are expected to increase the number of social workers in the country, which could subsequently result in higher adoption rates.

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Dear Partners,

I take great pleasure in announcing that ACPF will hold its Fifth International Policy Conference on the African Child (IPC) on May 29th and 30th, 2012.

Since 2004, ACPF has organised the International Policy Conference on the African Child (IPC). This is a major biennial event aimed at promoting policy dialogue and providing a platform for leading thinkers, policy makers, practitioners and activists to positively engage and interact on the challenges facing children in Africa and the policy choices that governments could consider to promote children’s rights and wellbeing. Four IPCs have been held so far, on the following themes: The African Child and the Family (2004), Violence against Girls in Africa (2006), Child Poverty in Africa (2008) and Budgeting for Children in Africa (2010).

The Conference is entitled ‘Intercountry Adoption”: Alternatives and Controversies’. The choice of the theme for the Fifth IPC was based on the growing interest in the adoption of children from Africa to other continents, and the ostensible lack of comprehensive regulation on the subject currently prevailing in the continent, which sometimes leads to discrepancies in the system, and abuse or exploitation of children. The situational analysis of intercountry adoption has not been comprehensively documented in Africa, creating a vacuum on the status of the system in the continent.

This calls for a proper inquiry into the subject, from a pan-African perspective. In view of that, ACPF has found it necessary to bring together experts and policy makers at a global level to ponder and reflect on intercountry adoption and the implications of the growing interest in adopting children from Africa.   

For more information on the Conference and registration, please refer to

I look forward to your participation at this very important conference.

David Mugawe,
Executive Director, ACPF



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23 novembre 2012 - Après divers scandales de vol de bébés enregistrés au cours des récents mois, le gouvernement camerounais a annoncé jeudi, à travers le ministère des Affaires sociales, la mise en place d'un dispositif d'adoption d'enfants

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Le ministère de l'Action sociale et de la solidarité nationale (MASSN) a initié une rencontre de formation au profit des responsables des Centres d'accueil des enfants en détresse (CAED) et des pouponnières en matière d'adoption.

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5 May 2013 - CHILD rights activists want the Government to halt issuance of legal guardianship orders to anyone seeking adoption, arguing that it has been manipulated by child traffickers.

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