And reveals that Africa has become more child-friendly, but still faces serious challenges

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The African Child Policy Forum (ACPF) launched the African Child Information Hub (InfoHub), a one-stop shop of data and information on children in Africa, in November 2006. The main objective of the InfoHub is to create a forum to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and experiences on matters relating to children. In 2010, ACPF redesigned the InfoHub website to make it more dynamic, rich in content, appealing in look, user friendly and turning it into a site that has attracted more users.

The InfoHub features a range of services such as:
• A database of child-focused organizations
• Data and Statistics on indicators of the wellbeing of children in Africa
• The African Child E-Newsletter
• News
• An events calendar
• Reports, documents and research publications on the state of children

The InfoHub website’s database and information is updated and expanded on a continuous basis.
The African Child E-Newsletter, one of the new features, published on a bi-monthly basis, serves as a platform for organizations and individuals working in the area of child rights and wellbeing to share and disseminate their research/publications, data, new developments and event announcements. It is aimed at providing an avenue for existing and unknown data and information to be disseminated as well as a channel for researchers to solicit information. The “Interview of the Month” and “Special of the Month” sections of the E-Newsletter provide theme-specific content on different areas of child rights and wellbeing.


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Since the removal of fuel subsidy, children have not been left out of the debate for and against it. From the children who joined the nationwide strike and protests on the streets to those who are representatives of children in the Children Parliament, and those who just expressed their views to their peers, parents or neighbours, they were as much interested and affected as the adults.

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The Director General of Information in the Republic of South Sudan's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Mr. Mustafa Biong Majak has urged media practitioners to be mindful of children in relation to what they air and publish as children constitute a great number of their audiences.

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The Gender Ministry will set up a strategic intervention programme for improving the lives of children in Uganda. The announcement was made on Thursday during the National Thanksgiving Day for Children at the Kampala Serena Hotel.

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Children depend on parents to provide a stable environment. However, when parents start favouring one child over another, the less fovoured get less perplexed and will ask where they went wrong.

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Cabinet has resolved to officially ask the German and other European governments to take back children who were brought to Namibia for rehabilitation after they were convicted of crimes in their countries of origin.

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A centuries old practice of putting newborn twins up for adoption is dividing residents in the Madagascan coastal town of Mananjary as surely as the siblings are separated from their parents. It is said that twins bring bad luck and violence to parents and the community.

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Response to the needs of vulnerable children in Nigeria, especially in such vital areas as education, health, shelter and care, legal protection, food and nutrition, psychosocial support and household economic strengthening has been quit ineffective. This has made communities and households providing the safety net to these children live in perpetual struggle to cope with the high burden of care required by such vulnerable children.

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Swaziland’s parliamentarians are questioning the purpose of a social safety net covering children, the elderly and the disabled. One dismissed it as little more than a public relations exercise, but in the teetering economy the recipients often depend on these small grants and pensions for survival.

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