1st August 2013 -  Through its two civil wars, Liberia became synonymous with the carnage wrought by armies of child soldiers. Ten years after the end of the fighting, the legacy casts a sizeable shadow over the country.

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Civil Society Section

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights




Report of the Secretary General on the question of the death penalty


Deadline 10 April 2012



In view of the Secretary General's forthcoming report on the question of the death penalty to the 21st session of the Human Rights Council (Sep 2012), you are invited to share information (maximum 1500 words) covering relevant developments since 1 July 2011 on the question of the death penalty.

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In its decision 18/117 adopted on 28 September 2011, the Human Rights Council requested "the Secretary-General to continue to submit to the Human Rights Council, in consultation with Governments, specialized agencies and intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, a yearly supplement to his quinquennial report on capital punishment and the implementation of the safeguards guaranteeing protection of the rights of those facing the death penalty, paying special attention to the imposition of the death penalty on persons younger than 18 years of age at the time of the offence, on pregnant women and on persons with mental or intellectual disabilities."

Click here for the decision: http://goo.gl/uQnGe






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2 October 2012 - OPINION. The African Union's ministers in charge of youth have underscored the need to harness the potential of the youthful population on the continent for its transformation.

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Somalia marks it 52nd year of independence. Some would argue that Somalia is in a far dire state than in colonial times, after a collapse of the central government in 1991, conflict has ravaged the horn of Africa nation.

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The Patron of the Namibia Planned Parenthood Association (NAPPA) has called for more support to ensure that integrated reproductive health and services related to HIV prevention continue to be provided across the country.

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An international lobby group wants the Kenyan government to find ways of distributing wealth equally as a solution to youths joining terrorist organisations.

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The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN), a children rights organisation, has called for judicial reforms in handling juvenile cases so as to create a conducive environment that will ensure children's active participation in judicial processes.

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‘Adolescence in Tanzania’, a publication on the issues facing the country’s adolescents, was launched this week at an event attended by Speaker of the National Assembly Ann Makinda and young people from across Tanzania.  The launch came days before the country celebrates the 50 years of independence, focusing attention on how far the nation has come and challenges that remain ahead.

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A massive presence of African youth was felt at the Conference of the Youth (COY7) at the weekend.

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Top United Nations officials today marked the global population reaching 7 billion with a call to action to world leaders to meet the challenges that a growing population poses, from ensuring adequate food and clean water to guaranteeing equal access to security and justice.

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