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Save the Children: Child Protection Policy

Save the Children's Policy on: Gender Equity

Save the Children's Policy on: Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Save the Children's position on children and work

Saving Lives: Children's right to HIV and AIDS treatment

School, Supervision and Adolescent-Sensitive Clinic Care: Combination Social Protection and Reduced Unprotected Sex Among HIV-Positive Adolescents in South Africa

Publication year: 2016

Second Decade of Education for Africa 2006-2015

Secretary-General’s 10th Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict

Security Guideline for People with Albinism: Concrete and specific security measures to prevent and handle attacks on people with albinism

Seeing Is Believing: The SPRING/Digital Green Experience in Nige

Publication year: 2016

Seizieme Session du Comite Africain D’experts Sur Les Droits et Le Bien-être de L’enfant (CAEDBE)

SENEGAL CASE STUDY: First steps taken to eradicate forced child begging in Quranic schools

Senegal: New Steps to Protect Talibés, Street Children - Sustain Momentum with Investigations, Prosecutions

Publication year: 2016

Setting the post-2015 development compass: voices from the ground

Setting the Standards.A common approach to Child Protection for international NGOs


Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children in Desse City Administration

Publication year: 2004

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Girls and Young Women with Disabilities

Sexual Violence: An Issue of Health

Shaping a Country's Future: With Children and Young People

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