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In the Kasai, one of the poorest regions of the Democratc Republic of Congo (DRC),
children remain the main victms of the crisis which began in August 2016, when fghtng
broke out afer a traditonal chief was killed during a clash with security forces. The
situaton worsened in 2017, triggering a wave of violence afectng nine of the country’s 26

The crisis has had a devastatng efect on children. They have been injured and killed,
victms of sexual violence and arbitrary detenton. In those areas where the violence
contnues, children are stll being used in militas. The violence on children must stop, and
those responsible must be brought to justce. Children should be safe at home, in school or
in play areas and should not be forced to fght on the batlefeld, or killed or injured during

Following the violence, 850,000 children have fed their homes. They have spent months
deprived of healthcare, water and sanitaton, a balanced diet and access to school. 400,000
children in the Kasai region are currently sufering from severe acute malnutriton. Without
help, they are at risk of dying. 440,000 children haven’t been able to complete the school
year. Today, security has been restored in several territories of the Kasai region and basic
services are startng to be restored. Around half of those displaced have returned home.
However, a huge amount of needs are stll to be met. During the crisis in the Kasai, 220
health centres have been looted or destroyed. More than 400 schools have been atacked,
100 of these destroyed completely.

The future of an entre generaton is at threat in the Kasai region. By implementng
humanitarian aid programmes, whilst strengthening structural development programmes,
UNICEF and its partners have managed to assist more than two million people since the
beginning of the crisis. However, too many child victms of the crisis remain unaided. More
funds are needed in order to avoid tens of thousands of child victms of severe acute
malnutriton dying and thousands more children not being able to return to school.
Let’s act together now. The children of the Kasai cannot wait any longer.

Dr Tajudeen Oyewale
Acting Representative in the DRC

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