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NIGERIA: The ABC of Adoption - Book Review


22 July 2012 - There has been recent developments in Nigeria in the past few months concerning children, especially infants. Reports have it that there are many illegal homes parading either as adoption agencies or as child miracle centres for childless couples.

Some people are unintentionally lured into this evil of using any means possible to have a child and have as such woefully decended into the crime of buying children from perpetrators of this evil.

This brings to the fore, the need for adequate mechanisms to check these abuses and protect the rights of children, especially infants in our Society. One of the ways has been proffered by this lady, Ojochide Atojoko-Omovbude, who has written a book on adoption of children in Nigeria to aid people interested in providing care and succor to needy children.

The book consists of 211 pages, structured into thirteen chapters. The book states categorically and unequivocally that it is the welfare and best interest of the child that are mandatorily paramount in any consideration for the custody of a child whether with the original parent or the adoptive parent. She further explained that there is no unified law on adoption for the country and as such that has made adoption quite difficult in Nigeria as some states do not even subscribe to adoption at all.

Chapter one gives a description of the terms of adoption, custody and fostering of children. It explains the differences between the terms and gives meaningful insights into the implications of choosing any one of the doors to custody of children.

Chapter two explains the term 'adoption' in its simplest forms. It gives an insight into the various forms of adoptions that exists in Nigeria.

Chapters three, four , five , six and seven hold the main crux of the book as it breaks down all the requirements concerning adoption . They expose the reader to the various laws and the evolution of adoption laws in Nigeria.

The book also exposes the persons who can adopt and the categories of children that can be adopted while giving a little insight into adoption by foreigners and did a little expose and comparison of two states in Nigeria and the FCT as the third.

The rest of the chapters pertain to the procedures and documents needed and required for adoption as well as the court orders before a final adoption order can be granted.

As part of its Schedule, the book has the Adoption Laws of Lagos State, Enugu State as well as the Child Rights Act which Governs the FCT. It is a book that cuts across borders, a handy tool for lawyers, parents and people wishing to adopt a child.

This book will be presented to the public on Tuesday, July 24 at the Yar'adua Centre Abuja by 10 am.

Source: Daily Trust

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