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MOZAMBIQUE: National Child Health Week

Maputo — The Mozambican Health Ministry on Friday launched throughout the country the first round of the 2010 National Child Health Week, intended to accelerate progress in reducing maternal, neo-natal and infant mortality, and to promote family health.

According to the Deputy National Director of Public Health, Lidia Chongo, this year the National Child Health Week is putting new stress on the health of the mother.

"We are bringing the maternal component to this week", she said. "Children are accompanied by their mothers, and it's not possible to separate the mother from the child. So we're introducing the maternal component now, in order to strengthen some components that are already routine in the health units".

This would also include providing vitamin A supplements to women after they have given birth, family planning, and anti-tetanus vaccinations.

"Everything we intend to do this week is aimed at reducing the high rates of maternal, neo-natal and infant mortality in the country, and one of the major strategies we have is vaccination", said Chongo. "Routine vaccination activities happen in the health units, and in this week we will once again take the opportunity to increase vaccination coverage".

The Ministry wants anti-tetanus vaccination to cover all women of child-bearing age. During the campaign the health authorities will also inform women about family planning, and the necessity for ante-natal and post-natal consultation.

The first round of National Child Health Week will run from 12 to 16 April, and the second will take place in November.

For the first round, the target is to reach three million children under the age of five, and about five million women of child-bearing age.

Source: Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique (Mozambique)

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