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NAMIBIA: 'Educate Children Living With Disabilities'


First Lady Madam Penehupifo Pohamba has implored parents who have children living with disabilities to actively get involved in skills development and the education of their children.

"Parent involvement in any form of education is fundamental for skills development of every learning aspect of the child living with or without disabilities," said Madam Pohamba. She spoke at the Onyose Trust fundraising gala dinner last week.

Madam Pohamba said disability-related matters must not be left solely to people living with disabilities and that every Namibian should participate in the fight for equal rights, opportunities and benefits for people living with disabilities.

The gala dinner was aimed at raising funds for the Onyose Trust and to raise general awareness, as well as to market the image of the trust to potential donors, partners and stakeholders.

It also aimed at assisting the trust with the forging of long-term partnerships with development partners and sponsors, for the benefit of people living with disabilities.

Items made by the trust, such as cards and rocking chairs were auctioned. Other speakers included the Onyose Trust board chairperson, Ludwig Beukes, who gave an overview of the activities of the trust.

The trust assists in training families of individuals living with disabilities to take care of their relatives. Children living with disabilities are also taught basic skills to take care of themselves.

"If you give them (children living with disabilities) a task they can do it with a high level of commitment," said Beukes. Currently, 40 children attend the Onyose Trust.

"Children living with disabilities are part of the mainstream of our society and their exclusion from elementary education is constantly being [countered] as a result of the commitment shown by various organisations such as Onyose," said the First Lady.

Beukes further said the organisation lacks funds. At some point, the organisation nearly closed down, he explained.

"With the little resources that we have, we try to take care of these children," he said.

Source: New Era (Windhoek, Namibia)

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