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ZIMBABWE: New Constitution Supports the Rights of Children


27 July 2012 - Press release / Hon Jessie Majome, Harare West Member of the House of Assembly says Zimbabwe will make history if the people adopt the new constitution because of the fundamental children's rights enshrined there-in.

She made the remarks today when she launched a programme to equip schools in her constituency with textbooks by donating 150 books to Marlborough Primary School in the capital.

Hon Majome, who is also the Deputy Minister of Women's Affairs, gender and Community Development said,"Another very important thing is that the books are very important to children. As you are aware, we just finished drafting the new constitution and for the first time, if it is adopted, Zimbabwe will have a constitution recognising the rights of children in the founding principles. Everything that the government will do should be in the best interests of the children. So, the issues of children are of paramount interest.

"In the bill of rights, for the first time in the history of the country, there is a clause dealing with the rights of children. Further on, for the first the constitution recognizes the right to education which so important," she said.

Narrating how the donation came about, the legislator said it was by fate that she got in touch with the Roberts family leading to the donation of the books. She said she was first used to receive books meant for the University of Zimbabwe from the family which prompted her to negotiate a similar package for primary schools in her constituency.

"When we went to school, there were a lot of textbooks but sadly, the children of this generation are very lucky if they can get a textbook. I am also appealing to those who have books because it is not only in the UK that children have books that they have read. Even in Zimbabwe, there are children who have books so I am appealing to them to donate to the needy," appealed Hon Majome.

Hon Majome was very thankful to the children who donated the books paid tribute to Maben Engineering for agreeing to source the reading material and ship it to Zimbabwe on her behalf.

The 1000 will be shared among 12 schools in Harare West including, Gateway, Harlingbury, Westlea, Haig Park, Maranatha, Masaisai, Emerald Hill school for the deaf, and the legislator's former school, Alfred Beit.

The textbooks are part of a consignment of nearly 1000 books sourced by Hon Majome with the assistance of a well-wisher, Dr Bernard Roberts and Maben engineering from the United Kingdom (UK).

The books were donated by privileged schoolchildren in the South of UK.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe Deborah Bronnert who was the Guest of Honour said she was humbled that the children in the UK and Maben Engineering had made the gift possible.

She said education is fundamental to the development of every nation. "Last year, by the UK government spent $140 million dollars on development in Zimbabwe, largely on education and health," she said adding that she was grateful her government was helping the people of Zimbabwe in a practical way.

Ambassador Bronnert urged people to celebrate children of today, particularly those of the two countries, Zimbabwe and the UK.

The Provincial Education Director, Mr Mazula said books are at the heart of all learning and commended Hon Majome for remembering her community. "When we have books as our priority, we cannot go wrong. We are 100% behind the MP and we support her efforts," he said.

The ceremony was attended by, among others, the Councillor for Ward 16 in Harare West, Mr Lancelot Mudavanhu, parents, heads from neighbouring schools as well the Child Senator and Child Member of the House of Assembly for the area.

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Source: Movement for Democratic Change

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