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Since 2004, ACPF has organised its biennial International Policy Conference on the African Child (IPC). This is a major event aimed at promoting policy dialogue and providing a platform for leading thinkers, policy makers, practitioners and activists to positively engage and interact on the challenges facing children in Africa and the policy choices that governments could consider to promote children’s rights and wellbeing. The IPC has, within a relatively short period of time, become a high-powered event, and the premier forum on children’s issues in Africa.

Six IPCs have been held so far, on the following themes: The African Child and the Family (2004), Violence against Girls in Africa (2006), Child Poverty in Africa (2008), Budgeting for Children in Africa (2010), Inter-country Adoption (2012) and Social Protection in Africa (2014).

November 2016 - Seventh IPC

Theme: Our Hidden Shame : Crimes and Extreme Violence against Children in Africa

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October 2014 - Sixth IPC

Theme: Social Protection in Africa – Making it work for children

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May 2012 - Fifth IPC

Theme: Intercountry Adoption: Alternatives and Controversies 

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December 2010 - Fourth IPC

Theme: Budgeting for Children

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May 2008 - Third IPC

Theme: Child Poverty in Africa

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May 2006 - Second IPC

Theme: Violence against girls in Africa

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May 2004 - First IPC

Theme: The African Child and the Family

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